SIMPLE, yet Powerful.

SMART Q Care solutions are very simple and easy use yet very powerful. These solutions have been designed after extensive research, reviews, feedbacks and analysis. SMART Q care solutions not only help you to manage your clients/ Patients in waiting area but also help in digitalization of your work process, automation of your waiting area accounting like generating payment receipts, generating invoices etc. In healthcare segment SMART Q Care solution also offers digitalized storage of patients reports and records, effortless sharing of information between different departments and much more. These solutions do not require any specific training, hardware or software installation. All the Queue management solutions offered by SAMRT Q Care can be accessed from any PC, tablet or mobile which have an internet connection. These solutions provide you with flexibility for managing your multiple business establishment from anywhere…even while on move.

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A Register your establishment with just few clicks. Select your plan. Pay online and you are ready to go.

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Start managing your clients/patients with easy to use software solutions offered by Smart Q care. Better Management of your clients will certainly improve the productivity of your working staff. Smooth management means more smiles….more repeat clients.

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Increase productivity and revenue

We will ensure that our extensive and yet simple to use solution let your clients/patients have WOW experience which will certainly result in increased satisfaction levels and thus increased revenues.

About the Product

Patient’s with "WOW" OPD experience are always more satisfied and happy.

Smart-Q-care’s OPD Organizer ensures seamless patient journey at OPD of clinics, nursing homes, hospitals and labs to create an outstanding patient experience with very high satisfaction levels. It helps improvises efficiency of your staff, their speed and quality of service offered by them to your patients. It reduces patient anxiety, improves working staff and patient relations. It also secures the bottom line by increasing your patient volume and revenues, as more productive staff and satisfied patients lead to high revenues.

OPD Organizer not only helps in organizing and streamlining your OPD appointments but also helps you to Organize Patient information, Patient History, Patient test records, Payment Receipts, OPD accounting and much more, so you can focus more on your work rather than worrying about your OPD management.


Virtual Smart Queue

Freedom from Physical Queue

OPD Organizer offers Virtual Queue which your clients can join through any Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Mobile…..from anywhere without being physically available in Queue. Our Intelligent Software Algorithm organizes the queue in most efficient way and ensures sharing of accurate...

Cloud Storage

Boundary less information at your fingertips.

Smart-Q-Care’s OPD Organizer is a cloud based solution which means it can be accessed from anywhere irrespective of your location. All you need is a working internet connection and you will have access to every information at your fingertips… be it your patient's information, your...

Paperless OPD

Modernizing Your Practice

"Going Paperless" can save money, boost productivity, save space, make documentation and information sharing easier, keep personal information more secure, and help the environment. Now with OPD Organizer you can make your OPD, Clinic or Hospital digital. Save all patient reports...

Automated Queing

Sit Back and Relax

A well-organised OPD and fair waiting environment keeps patients aware of how long it will take before they are served. Clear, honest communication eases anxiety, making clients more comfortable with their wait, and supports a more efficient and productive environment. OPD...

Enhance Efficiency

Reduce Wait Times, Enhance Efficiency

Overcrowded waiting area, excessive waiting time causes frustration and annoyance to both your Patients and your employees. OPD Organizer will help you make it better. By putting people in control and making every information or update shared with your patients you can create the

Smart Management

Multitasking made more easier

If you find it very complex to manage your Multiple OPDs, multiple clinics, multiple departments or multiple hospitals, OPD Organizer provides you with right solution for your problem. OPD Organizer helps you to multitask even while you preform your daily work schedule.

Track Progress

Comprehensive reporting and Analysis

Keeping track of your establishment’s progress and growth is very important. We understand that it is very difficult for you to find time to analyze the day to day progress of your enterprise. OPD Organiser provides you with comprehensive ...


Highly Secured with automated Backup Data

Your information on OPD Organizer is highly secured. Every user is assigned a different login and password. The First User (Administrator) can define the data access privileges as per need. Your patient information is 100%...

OPD Accounting

Generate Receipts and Invoices

OPD Organizer resolves your biggest challenge… to manage the basic accounting of your OPD without increasing your investment on additional accounting staff. With OPD organizer you can easily manage the payment ...


Informative Dashboards

We at Smart Q Care understand the need of an informative dashboard. With OPD Organizer’s intuitive and informative Dashboards you will see the right information at right place on your Dashboard screen. OPD Organizer

Doctor's Dashboard

Offers information like:-

  • Digital Prescriptions / Previous Visit Prescriptions
  • Patient History
  • Symptom and Physical Evaluation (Current and Previous History)
  • Drug Library (Create your Own Drug Library adding Drugs of your Choice)
  • Upload Prescriptions / Patient reports / Pictures of Physical Examination
  • OPD Status
  • Next Patient Information
  • Procedure Appointments (if Any)

Receptionist's Dashboard

Offers information like:-

  • Appointment Calendar
  • Patient Appointment Status
  • Next Patient Information
  • Appointment Request
  • Priority Appointments
  • Procedures Planned for the Day
  • Patient Data Upload Facility
  • Messages to Doctor on Chat Section

Paitent's Dashboard

Offers Information Like:-

  • Token Number
  • Expected appointment time
  • Estimated Wait Time

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